Pizza Tower

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Pizza Tower is a relentless war between Peppion and all bosses. Fight by using ultimate skills to get the happy ending with the collapse of the pizza tower. It's also similar to a test for you where you can show your abilities in a chaotic but thrilling world. In order to conquer this test, you will need to master the below essential information, including pizza tower all bosses, Peppino Spaghetti, pizza tower humor, and the game reviews.

Pizza Tower All Bosses

Pizza Tower all bosses will challenge all players with many difficulties. They appear at the end of each level. It's considered the most surprising and memorable thing in battles. There are 5 main bosses: Pepperman, The Vigilante, The Noise, Fake Peppino, and Final Boss. In the battle with the final boss, you will encounter 2 sub-bosses, called Pizzaface and Pizzahead. Are you ready to start fighting?

Each boss will have its own fighting abilities and you also need to use different skills to win. For example, Pepperman is a giant peppercorn with the ability to jump high. Each time he jumps down will create a super-powerful force to attack you. Or the second boss is a creature that combines cheese and slime with a shoot-continuous ability. The special thing is that there are clones of this boss that also require you to avoid them. The fight with Fake Peppion can also make you miserable. As you can see, these enemies are extremely dangerous, especially The Noise and Final Boss. They are the most noticeable bosses in the Pizza Tower game.

The Noise - The Strongest Boss

The Noise is the strongest boss in this action game with the ultimate attack. In terms of appearance, he's a yellow monkey with a hat. It's not natural that this boss is called The Noise. He always makes a mocking sound throughout the match. In particular, after each injury, The Noise will descend and hit the player. His attacks are usually random and attack twice at the same time.

The Noise will be eliminated after 8 injuries corresponding to 8HP. However, you need to know that this third boss can respawn once time. After coming back, The Noise becomes stronger and attacks you more aggressively. You will combat until the second Noise is killed and a gun appears in the hand of The Noise. Nevertheless, don't worry! The Noise boss won't be able to use this gun in time because his health will end at this moment and signal the end of this fierce battle.

Pizza Tower Final Boss

Pizza Tower final boss is divided into 2 sub-bosses. On the one hand, the first one is Pizzaface which takes the form of a giant cheese pizza. This opponent will constantly chase you and attack. If you get caught by Pizzaface, you will get the command 'time's up' and start the round again. On the other hand, Pizzahead has a human figure and a pizza head. The battle with Pizzahead starts with getting a gun and fighting like real shooters.

These two bosses are usually the second most noticed after The Noise for two reasons. Firstly, The Noise bosses will appear before Pizzaface and Pizzahead. Second, these two bosses also have similar difficulties and killing methods. Especially, this is where you find the most important door to victory for the whole game. Therefore, how can you not care about the final boss?

Ways To Beat Bosses And The Achieved Ranks

Ways to beat bosses and the achieved ranks are diverse for you. You can reference some below principles to make sure that the victory is in your hand.

Boss battles will take place as a duel between your character and the main boss at that level. You need to know that you will have 6 chef hats on the left and your opponent has 8 cakes on the right. The chef hats are your HP while the cakes are the bosses' HP. When being hit by an attack, the amount of HP will gradually decrease for the victim. The amount of HP will increase and decrease based on individual achievements. For example, you can add 1 hat if you hit successfully the boss 3 times.

Besides, you should note that the boss has one time to respawn. After respawning, the boss has the same ability and HP as the original. After defeating bosses for the second time, you can gain a Pizza Tower rank. Your rank is often based on the time you are hit when participating in the battle. There is a total of 6 ranks: P, S, A, B, C, and D ranks. The rank and the number of hits are expressed in the below list.

  • P Rank - 0
  • S Rank - 1 or 2
  • A Rank - 3 or 4
  • B Rank - 5 or 6
  • C Rank - 7 or 8
  • D Rank - 9+

You have all the necessary details about important bosses in the Pizza Tower game. Now, it's time for you to learn about the main character!

Peppino Spaghetti

Peppino Spaghetti is the main character of Pizza Tower. He is an Italy pizza cook. In order to avoid the restaurant's bankruptcy, this man decided to destroy the pizza tower and save his business. Talk a little bit about his appearance and personality. Peppino has a stout but muscular body. His personality is always cheerful and receives much love from everyone around him.

Participating in the Pizza Tower journey, Peppino has practiced various skills. Some worthy skills to mention is the jumping, grabbing, rolling, diving, parrying, and shooting skills. In order to master all abilities, you need to spend a period of time practicing.

Besides, your main character has a special ability: transformations. He can change into different shapes to adapt to each situation. In particular, there is an element that few players pay attention to. Peppino has to transform first before he can enter a new door. Some remarkable transformations are Ball Peppion, Knight Peppino, and Fireass Peppino. The trait of this magical transformation is the appearance of new abilities and appearances.

Pizza Tower Humor

Pizza Tower humor provides players with entertainment. You may not find the fun in any other online game because Pizza Tower is unique. This fun is brought to all players through a variety of factors. Some of the prominent elements are clothes, plush, and achievements.

All Clothes For The Character

All clothes for the character are diverse. At the start of the game, Peppino wears a black chef's suit. Through different quests and achievements, you can unlock each outfit and pattern.

First of all, there are 19 fantastic Peppino outfits in several colors such as white, green, red, and blue. And of course, to unlock these skins, you need to complete different Pizza Tower's tasks. For example, to unlock the blue outfit, you need to disclose level 1 at least an hour before. Or unlocking purple skins requires you to reach P rank at each level. This variety of outfits makes the game more interesting and colorful.

In addition, patterns are additional details added to your available clothes. You can add a pink polka dot pattern, a yellow pizza pattern, or a bad bones pattern. It is indispensable to do quests to unlock these patterns.

There will be a notification every time you receive a new skin or pattern. The place to help you change your outfit is the wardrobe at the beginning of this game.

Pizza Tower Achievement

Pizza Tower achievement is dedicated to talented players who have overcome all the challenges and obstacles of the game. In particular, defeating bosses is the proud result. Therefore, Pizza Tower always brings appropriate rewards to all players.

The number of achievements that a player can get is hard to count. Besides the ranks you reach in each level, there are prizes and separate requirements for other tasks. You can keep track of some outstanding achievements below.

  • You win John Gutted when you destroy all John blocks.
  • The Delicacy Prize is an award for players who achieve 41+ sets of cheese platforms crumble owe their first level.
  • If you can use a bomb to kill rats at level 1, you will get Volleybomb.
  • The Cross To Bare reward is available to anyone who kills 30 ghosts.

In addition to the mentioned prizes above, you also have the opportunity to receive 68+ other prizes. However, the rate of receiving awards is not high. The nobler the award, the harder it is to claim.

The Game Reviews

The game reviews will give you more accurate views about this Pizza Tower game in terms of all customs, age ratings, switches, and ending. All these factors are highly significant to follow in the playing process.

Pizza Tower All Customs

Pizza Tower all customs show you all levels in this adventure game after the edition. After 4 main levels, custom levels will appear.

Let's name 4 primary levels first! The game includes Ancient Level, Water Level, Boulder Level, and Horror Level. Only by reading the names of all levels, you can realize the difference between stages. The topic and theme are the clearest factors. Of course, the Water theme is completely different from the Horror theme. In order to join a level, you need to go in the corresponding door to enter this world. It's possible to enter any door you want. However, starting immediately with a high level is not a good choice because it will cause many challenges for you when you don't have any practice. Therefore, the greatest option is still to play in order to master all skills of the Peppino character and draw experience.

After that, you can move to the custom levels, as known as the edited levels at the end of the map. The game supporters create these levels with 3 versions. The Pizza Tower Level editor v1 is the first version to be reimagined in the official game. It showed all the basic mechanics. In Level Editor v2, all bugs have been fixed and new elements and objects added. The final custom version is Somebody's custom levels which adds completely different content. In-game features are updated and new items are added.

Age Rating

Age rating has also been set for the game. Instead of no age limitation of other arcade games, this Pzza Tower game has the rule of the 9+ ages. In fact, all players of any age can access and play this Pizza Tower game because the is friendly to all ages, including kids. However, because of the difficulties of the game, players need to the wise and the agility to finish challenges. Therefore, the age to meet this requirement is 9.

Switch Buttons

You have 4 key buttons to master the controls of your character.

  • Use the Z key to select options and jump.
  • Use the Arrow Keys to move.

Ending and The Behind Secret

Ending for Pizza Tower and the behind secret is the truth you can explore after defeating the final boss. With the death of Pizzahead, you will enter the final door. However, it's not the end entrance. Coming to this door, you will enter a chase with a giant mouse. You need to run fast forward to avoid the attack of your opponent. At the same time, the movement of the mouse is the key to destroying the pizza building. The rat will damage the foundation of the tower.

The faster the mouse moves, the greater the damage is. Take advantage of this action to make the mouse destroy as much as possible. Finally, find the door to get up on the ground. The moment you sit down is the time the tower collapses. It's a happy ending for the Pizza Tower. How about a bad ending? It is entirely possible when you lose to any boss or fail to pass the challenging paths of the game. When this happens, you can completely play again. However, your race will start all over again.