Among Us Match 3

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Among Us Match 3 is a fun puzzle game. To get the highest score and complete the task quickly, you must match three or more characters of the same color.

We are excited to introduce a new online game that you and all your close friends will be able to play together today. You will be able to play the game called Among Us Match 3 and you can access it now. Today we will give you a very unique quest as part of the challenge and you will find that it will be a very special match 3 challenge.

How to play the game Among Us Match 3?

To join the game you need to use your MOUSE to click and make sure that in a short amount of time you will be able to get the highest possible score in the game.

Mission of the game Among Us Match 3

If you match as many avatars correctly, you will get more points. You'll also notice that Among Us characters will wear a variety of capes and masks in the role of heroes. Two members of the crew can be combined by swiping the mouse over them to create a horizontal or vertical row containing three or more of the same items. Immediately after completing this objective you will be able to remove the obstacles in the row, which will allow you to collect points and fill the left side of the bar. This is a must for you to win the game and ultimately the contest.

Some reminders for you

Empty bar appears in case you do not produce results while playing the game. To prevent this from happening in the long run, keep creating matches.

Astronauts of color will fill the playing field. There will be a lot of characters and their number will not decrease even if you start gradually eliminating three or more of the same characters. To do this, simply swap the appropriate elements. Follow the left ratio and keep it in good shape, and for this you need to quickly find the winning combinations and clear them

Scores and levels

The game has many different levels for you to experience so you can enjoy the game without feeling bored. Challenge your abilities by passing different levels. You advance to the next level when you earn a certain number of points. Counting will be done automatically. Wish you happy gaming!