Avatar Game

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Avatar Game brings you to the avatar world by controlling Jake and jumping over all obstacles. Completing challenges is your only way to conquer this game. Besides, this game will take you to new challenges in the sacred land of Na'vi and Pandora. Are you ready to join this running game?

Stages Inspired By The Avatar Movie

The return of Avatar: The Way Of Water after many years of absence has made the fan community of this film more eager than ever. Joining the flow of this trend, avatargame2.com has brought players a running game inspired by this popular movie.

You can see images of Jake Sully running in the soul forest of Na'vi or on the beaches of the new land of Pandora. There will still be challenges for the character Jake to face. However, it won't be a problem if you are determined to conquer like Jake Sully's determination to protect his family and those around him from danger. All will express through 3 stages of the Avatar Game.

Guides To Play Avatar Game

All you need to do is to jump over dangerous obstacles. In some stages, you can use jumping pads or jumping rings to support your jumping process. Jumping pads will help you jump higher while jumping rings help you perform jumping in the air.