Baby Supermarket

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About Baby Supermarket

Small supermarket has displayed many new items recently. Today, baby panda and mother panda go shopping in the supermarket, but there are many things to buy, so you need to support your favorite panda store in the animal supermarket. Your task is to put in the basket the items corresponding to the corresponding product category and then proceed to the cashier to complete the transaction.

This is a great light activity to play. You can tick everything off your shopping list as you stroll around the most popular market in town. Choose the right products and meals from your list to go to the next level. Don't pass up the opportunity to play this game if you are a gamer who also loves to go shopping.

Choose from a variety of goods

The store has over 150 different types of merchandise, some of which are food items such as fruits and vegetables, while others are clothing and toys. Merchandise for the Lunar New Year can be found in their own section at the store. There are also snacks and a variety of other Tet items. Here you will be able to buy everything your heart desires. Don't forget to verify again that you have everything on your list by reviewing your purchase receipt!

Join the event in the supermarket

Do not miss the exciting activity in the supermarket if you are a cook. You are free to prepare any favorite dish you like, such as strawberry pie or chicken burger. After shopping, you can participate in the draw event that the store is holding. Put some money in the gashapon machine, then check out the prizes it offers.

Features of the game

  • Supermarket has 2 floors with more than 20 areas and more than 150 different types of goods.
  • Fun interactions: makeup, egg painting, role playing and more....
  • This is also a safe tip to help children form good shopping habits.
  • Join interesting events.
  • Simple, addictive gameplay.

How to play

Use the mouse to play. Click on the cart and start shopping.