Bad Ice Cream

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About Bad Ice Cream

Bad Ice Cream is a fun game for two players that is loved by many people. You will participate and experience all the different levels of ice cream.

This is a fun puzzle game that you can play in single player or two player mode. This is the first installment of the Bad Ice Cream game series developed by Nitrome, in which you play as an Ice Cream. Start choosing flavors and add fruit to your ice cream.

Levels of the game

To get points, navigate each level like a maze and collect fruit. To complete, there are 40 levels. You can explore different themes and difficulties in each level.


The main objective of the player in each level is to harvest every fruit while trying to stop the opponent. This game has the unique ability to support up to four players simultaneously playing, cooperatively and competitively on one computer.

You must first decide which ice cream flavor you choose to control. The ice cream comes in three flavors: strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. You will then encounter many different maps, each of which requires you to complete the previous one to unlock the new one.

Enjoy your food while sneaking every piece of fruit! Use your icebreaker to break blocks of ice or create your own icy barrier for protection. Consume whatever fruit you choose.

Control Game

  • Collect all the fruits before time runs out.
  • Move = WASD or Arrow Keys.
  • Freeze or Break = F or Space.