Ball Puzzle

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Some descriptions of Ball Puzzle

Ball Puzzle is a puzzle game where you will train your brain by solving difficult math problems through the game's levels. Are you ready for it?

Ball Puzzle are complex challenges, where you have to rearrange the position of the puzzle pieces in the box so that the ball can reach the finish line. This game challenges you with different challenges through different levels. The levels of the game will automatically switch when you complete the mission. You will not be able to choose the challenge for yourself. These are all interesting challenges. Don't be afraid to take on these challenges!

Solve the puzzle

To be able to solve these puzzles, you use the mouse to control them. You click on the puzzle piece then drag the mouse in the direction you want to move. You cannot change the direction of the slides in the puzzle, you can only change their position. Thus, you based on the sliding direction of the puzzle pieces to create the most perfect slide. Your score is inversely proportional to the number of steps you take. The more you complete the slide with fewer moves, the higher your score. Are you hold the rule? Now, let's play!