Big Tall Small

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About Big Tall Small

On mobile devices, iPads and computer browsers, you can play this imaginative team building game online for free. Use each of your characters' unique skills to solve puzzles and progress through stages in this thrilling platforming adventure.

Completing the levels available in this game, joining from the simple levels will give you a little practice. Each level has a different map and you need to calculate the right moves for your character, unlock the paths and exit. It's not as simple as you think so be careful in your steps.

You can also change the character by pressing the down arrow to assist each other in moving accordingly. Each character has its own character and take advantage of it.

How to play

  • To get started, press the 'enter' or 'space' keys on your keyboard. To move the character back and forth, use the left and right arrow keys. Jump with up arrow. To change the character, press the down arrow. Reset the level by pressing R. To return to the previous screen, press B.
  • If playing on a touch device, use the on-screen buttons to control your character and activities.