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Life in the game BitLife

The BitLife game is the most noticed and most frequently played game on the internet. BitLife is a simulation game in which you will be asked to make choices that are important to your survival. Players in this game have the ability to govern every aspect of their virtual existence. This includes the ability to choose their character's name and birthplace, as well as the ability to choose their job, relationships, and way of life. This control covers all aspects of the player's virtual existence, including the option to choose a lifestyle that can be shared with other players. This includes the freedom to choose how they want to live and how they will sustain themselves financially. Also included is the freedom to choose how they want to work.

Discover many new things

Players are faced with a series of choices and possibilities that will affect their future when they are given the chance to live a lifetime. These options and opportunities include things like enrolling in school, finding a job, dating, getting engaged and married, and starting a family. family. To achieve what they've set out to do, they'll need to not only manage their characters' financial resources but also their health and happiness levels.

Main parts in the game

The three sections that make up our main menu are titled: New Life, Stats, and Configuration.

  • New Life Section: When they enter this game, all players consider it as their main goal. It is not difficult to start a new life for yourself. Just one tap to start a new chapter in your life.
  • Statistics section: You can maintain tabs on the cemetery and ribbons. In this simulator, a total of thirty different ribbons can be earned. These thirty ribbons are always prepared and waiting for you to achieve success in any endeavor. There are a few notable ribbons, including those that say "Sloth", "Rich", "Hero", "Famous", or "Success". All of these qualities are qualities that a lot of individuals would like to possess. In addition, there are a large number of different ribbons, such as Globetrotter, Deadly, Wicked. Can you take home all thirty of these ribbons? In addition, the information in the Cemetery section is also important to you. This is the place where you can record the details of your previous life.
  • Configuration section: This game allows you to personalize the characters, so you can invite your friends to appear in it, as well as configure tactile and sound effects.

Note: You need to pay special attention to the signs mentioned earlier, including your physical appearance, IQ, physical health and happiness level. If all of these metrics are positive, the overall score will be shown in green. These indicators will continue to deteriorate until they reach worrisome levels, at which point they will turn red. Putting your health first should be one of your top priorities when it comes to spending money. If you are not feeling well, it is imperative that you see your doctor as soon as possible because your health is most important.

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To get started, click "Play" on your mouse. That sua use the mouse and play.