Bomb It 3

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The goal of this game is for the player to move skillfully across the playing field, place booms to destroy bricks, collect a variety of power-ups, and eliminate as many other players as possible. by placing explosives next to them and then detonating those bombs. This game, which is quite similar to Bomb It 2, has four different game types that can be played. The titles are "Arcade", "Battle Royale", "Watermania" and "Race". Each style of play uses its own set of rules.

  • In Arcade mode you need to eliminate all your opponents to succeed.
  • In Battle Royale game style, your goal is to be the first player to eliminate 10 of your opponents and win.
  • In the Watermania game mode, the goal is to be the first player to successfully drive 10 sheep or other players into the water.
  • In the Racing game option, you will compete with other players in a car race. If you want to win the race, you need to make sure your car completes the first three laps. Remember to pick up weapons so you can eliminate your opponents in the next race.

As in the previous entries of the series, your goal as a player is to progress through each level of the game by eliminating all your opponents one by one so you can win and win. Win the title of "last player" in the contest game. every level. You won't be able to take your eyes off the screen while playing Bomb It 3, the game features no less than four distinct game modes and ten unique playable characters. Can you build a path to your competitors, trick them into walking on a bomb you've deliberately planted, and become the sole survivor of the game?

Gameplay Instructions

  • To move as PLAYER 1, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. To drop the bomb, use the spacebar on your keyboard.
  • To move in PLAYER 2, use the WASD keys on your keyboard. To detonate the device, press the Enter key on your keyboard.