Bricks and Balls

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Some descriptions of Bricks and Balls

Don't be afraid to take on challenges in Bricks and Balls. Here, you need to control the ball to break all the bricks and complete the target of the game.

Bricks with different values are arranged on the board. Your task is to use the balls below the screen and control it to destroy all the bricks. When you destroy all these bricks you will continue the mission at another level of the game. This game will stretch through many different levels. The difficulty of the game is increased by the number of bricks that you need to break. Are you confident that you can conquer all levels of this game? Let's play and create great moments.

How to break the bricks

Balls are gathered in the bottom corner of the screen. You drag the mouse to aim the direction for the balls then you release the mouse to shoot the balls. Every time a ball hits a brick, the brick will lose one value. When the value of the brick reaches zero, it will disappear. On the board, in addition to the bricks, there are also balls. You can destroy bricks faster by collecting these balls.