Bundle Beeline

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Description of Bundle Beeline

Bundle Beeline is a game that requires you to complete a challenge. Assist the protagonist to safely deliver packages to customers within the required time.

Start the adventure journey of this classic arcade platformer game set in a colorful and exciting pixel environment where your goal is to deliver parcels, but now we've got your attention. We'll tell you more about it so you can enjoy it to the fullest extent possible!

How to play Bundle Beeline?

Move with your character to discover parcels that need to be delivered, use X to get items, use Z to jump around and navigate your way through any and all obstacles obstacles, pitfalls and difficult circumstances you encounter along the way. along the route so you can reach the delivery location and drop them off without any hitch.

You can figure out where you need to go on the map using the three compasses located at the top of the screen. However, you must be careful not to lose any parcels along the way because if you do, the mission will fail and you will be considered a loser.

Specific controls

  • Z = Confirm / Jump
  • X = Pick up/Throw
  • R = Quick reboot

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Some tips to play

  • As you collect packages, the top three compasses will tell you where they are and their direction.
  • You can boost your motivation by skipping the landing animation.