Carrom Clash

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Carrom Clash will test your ability to shoot pucks with 3 modes: Disc Pool, Carrom, and Freestyle. Are you ready to complete the task and beat all your enemies?

This entertaining game not only gives you various modes but also has Shop and Free Spin for you to earn more coins and unlock strikers and stones. Each type has a different price. Of course, their effects and designs are also different.

Now, it's time for us to learn about modes with their features.

Disc Pool Mode In Carrom Clash

The rules of this mode are very simple. You just need to hit all your stones into the holes to win. If you hit your opponent's stones into the hole, it will give your opponent an advantage. Besides, you can continue your turn if you make a successful hit. Otherwise, you will give way to your opponent.

This mode will give you Dehli Lounge, Golden City, Mahal Palace, Mumbai Plaza, and Royal Arena. These are the different playing locations. To enter these arenas, you need to use coins to enter and the prizes for the matches will also have different values. The top prize for you is 10,000 coins with an entrance fee of 5.00 coins for the Royal Arena.

Carrom And Freestyle Mode

These two modes have the same rules as Disc Pool mode and also have different arenas for you to experience. However, the win conditions for these two modes are somewhat different.

The Carrom mode requires you to hit the red stones before hitting the last stone to win. Freestyle mode is simpler. You just need to win enough required points to beat your opponent.