Cars Chaos King

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Cars Chaos King is a fun racing game. Control your car to overcome other players, upgrade and repair it, and unlock more than 40 different vehicles.

Driving, power-ups and combat all come together in this amazing car game. Cars Chaos King, in contrast to other 3D vehicle games, is a game that can be played on any device browser. You can enhance your ability to destroy other karts while drifting, driving yourself, racing against other vehicles and buying new power-ups.

Cars will automatically move forward on different tracks and maps while you control the car's rotation with the A and D buttons. Your goal is to cause as much chaos as possible on the road map and destroy other vehicles controlled by other players to earn extra points.

Use your weapon

To get weapons, drive through boxes, destroy them and collect boxes marked with question marks. Use weapons by pressing SPACEBAR. If you have cannons in your inventory, you can use them to destroy buildings or other vehicles on the map. To outsmart other players and get more points, try to destroy more destruction and chaos while being careful to avoid being eliminated by them.

How to play

Use spacebar, A key and D key to control.