Castle Raid 3D

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About Castle Raid 3D

Castle Raid 3D is an engaging fighting game. You will help your army overcome the obstacles in the siege, as well as destroy the enemy and develop your army.

The game requires players to take command of their armies to engage in combat, and it offers various levels for you to explore. You will need to make strategic decisions to ensure that the size of your army continues to grow and compete with your enemies.

This thrilling 3D action game will help you lead your army to victory from battle to victory! Create a path forward for your troops to advance, then watch as they march towards the enemy and attack the castle. If you don't get bonuses to increase your army size and avoid red obstacles, your army will decrease in size.

You must create a path through the green grass for your yellow warriors to follow to bring them to the location marked with yellow with high value. As a result, the number will double or even triple depending on the extent of the brand. If hostile opponents get in your way, you will have no choice but to engage in combat with them. However, keep in mind that the maximum number of yellow sticks you must use must reach the castle gates; otherwise you will fail the challenge.

How to play

Use the mouse to play. Click to draw the path.