City Takeover

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Play City Takeover

Let's take part in intense battles in the City Takeover game. In this game, you control your army and fight the enemy and take their territory.

In this game, you and other players will own the towers. You will control your bear army to invade the territory of other players. Every second, your base tower will spawn a warrior. You gather your troops and lead your army to invade the tower of a lower number of soldiers than you. This game will end when you conquer all the enemy towers. Your opponents will appear through different levels. You can earn money to buy skins and skills to kill these players faster. Are you confident that you can destroy all the opponents in the levels of the game?

Control: Use the mouse to control.

Use the skill to destroy the opponent

  • Accelerated build: This skill has the ability to increase the number of floors of your tower by 15 floors at the start of the game. This gives you a huge advantage when facing your opponent in the early game.
  • Absolute defense: It has the ability to block all enemy attacks for 8 seconds.
  • Retarded action: It slows the enemy's movement speed for 8 seconds.