Crash Team Racing

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About Crash Team Racing

You get behind the wheel of some of the coolest cars in Crash Team Racing. You will need to show your talent before you can race against a large number of other opponents and compete for the championship. 1999 saw the birth of this racing video game, which took home The Game award for Best Sports/Racing Game.

Players are required to avoid obstacles and negotiate several courses to the finish line. They can increase their speed by performing power-ups such as power slides and jumps. In addition to providing players with the opportunity to compete in online races, local quick races and mega laps, the game also features a fully developed adventure mode that allows players to unlock locations, new characters and boss fights as the player progresses through the game's levels.

When participating in standard races, you should do your best to be the first to reach the finish line at the end of each lap. However, to win the time-tested contest, you must complete your mission before the clock hits 0 seconds. If you are in a race, you can now use the enhancements that have been added to the tiles on the track. Take them, but proceed carefully to avoid jeopardizing your safety. Keep pressing the Accelerate button as you go through the checkpoints so you can advance faster.

How to play

  • To increase your speed, use the X key.
  • You can control the car and steer it by using the arrow keys on the keyboard.
  • From the main menu you have the option to choose the type of competition you want to compete in, it can be a single race, a competition with other players, a single race for the title or a competition with all players. play. In such competitions, you have the option to have Crash or another character from the series get behind the wheel of the go-kart you're in charge of driving.