Crazy Seagull

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Fight with a pigeon in Crazy Seagull

Play and fight the crazy pigeon in the Crazy Seagull game. Here, you will control a plane and have to collect balloons to win against the pigeon.

In this game, you will play the role of a pilot who has to fly the plane and collect the balloons. Your opponent in this game is a pigeon. You must quickly collect the required number of balloons for the game before the pigeon wins. However, your opponent will react faster than you so you need to do something to prevent him. You can fly the plane and hit the pigeon. When a pigeon is hit, it will fall out of the sky. You take advantage of this time to collect as many balloons as you can because this action of yours angered the pigeon. When the pigeon turns around, it will get angry and move at a faster speed to collect the balloons. You can also stab the pigeon several times to stop it, but this also wastes your time. Let's make the right decision and win this game.

How to control your plane

You use the mouse to click on your target to make the plane fly to this position.