Dino Game

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About Dino Game

The game gives you endless running competitions with your little dinosaur. Take control to jump over the cactus to get the highest score. Good luck! Previously, this running game was known as a game that does not require an internet connection. It was launched by Google to provide entertainment in the meantime. However, this simple game quickly became famous and attracted many players. To meet the growing demand of players, an online version of Dino Game was released.

Enjoy the familiar gameplay

The gameplay of this online game remains the same compared to the original version. Your main character is still a black and white dinosaur. Your obstacle is the cactus. Your task is to help the dinosaur jump up whenever it faces the cactus. If you crash into the cactus, the game will end with the existing score. This dinosaur game is endless, a lot of high scores have been recorded.

Dinosaur Game Notes

Dino game doesn't have much of a note for you. You mainly need to pay attention to the jump time. There are single cacti, but there are also cacti that grow in clusters. So the time to jump over each road segment is different. Besides, you need to get used to the increasingly fast movement speed of the game.


  • Belongs to the endless running game genre
  • Web browser gamesThe camera can be scrolled horizontally
  • Simple 8-bit 2D graphics, easy to play

How to play

To start scrolling, press the spacebar. To jump over an obstacle, press the SPACEBAR key. You have to plan your jump because the speed will only get faster. You will also encounter birds; Don't try to jump over the highest flying one.