Doom I

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Doom I is a dramatic and creepy game about the shooter genre. This is the first episode of this game. Use a gun to protect your life in a scary room.

Id Software, Bethesda Softworks, Activision, is the publisher and developer of this game. Finding the escape chamber leading to the next section is your only goal, avoiding danger along the route is optional. Go from room to room shooting everyone and everything that gets in your way.

Doom I's Game Rules

In this battle you have no mercy on anyone! To make sure your enemies don't stand a chance, keep an eye on your ammo, health, and armor while focusing. Since its inception in 1993, this video game series has been hailed as a first-person shooter game innovator.

Another factor

By battling them ruthlessly in this classic game, you can take advantage of an uncharted sea of space. Demons and the undead are one of the forces of hell that you have to fight. Take out your weapon and start the carnage right away.

This is a dramatic game that will stimulate you to increase the drama and suspense when participating. I am sure you will enjoy it and hope you have a good time playing the game with everyone, the fun will be doubled if you play this game with your friends.

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Game control

Control doom with the arrow keys, eliminate all enemies and locate keycards to unlock closed doors. Use Q and E to attack, space to shoot and R to open doors.