Dora Fruit Bubble

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Some features of Dora Fruit Bubble

Let's play the Dora Fruit Bubble game and get a great experience. In this game, you have to shoot out all the fruits that are stuck on the screen.

Summer is coming, let's immerse in the fruit world of Dora Fruit Bubble. The fruits such as watermelon, peach, strawberry, and so on are stuck in a board. These fruits are stuck in a random position, your task is to rescue these fruits. This is not an easy task. Are you ready for it?

The rule to rescue the fruits

These fruits are stuck because they are surrounded by balloons, you need to destroy these balloons to rescue the fruits. To be able to rescue the fruit you use the cannon in the bottom corner of the screen. The ammo of this gun is of different types of fruits. You based on the type of fruit that appears in the cannon to aim and remove the fruits. When you shoot bullets into the board, if it forms a cluster of more than 3 of the same type, they will be rescued from the board. The more fruits you rescue, the higher your score will be. You must rescue all the fruit before you run out of ammo, otherwise, you fail.

Control: Drag the mouse to aim and release the mouse to shoot.