Duck Hunt

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Duck Hunt is ready to train you to be a professional hunter! Raise your gun and shoot from one flock of ducks to another. Your dog will be pleased with the spoils. Shooting games never stop. It's only getting more and more diverse with many new exciting games. Now, our website would like to introduce to you an attractive game called Duck Hunt. As the name suggests, you will go duck hunting. Your companion will be an attractive dog with various expressions when you catch a duck.

The goal of the game

The objective of the game is to fly in the air and shoot moving objects on the screen. There are 10 goals in total for each round. One or two targets will appear on the screen at the same time, depending on the type of game the player chooses before starting to play, and they have three chances of being hit before disappearing. Therefore, failure will immediately end the game. Targets move faster and there are fewer targets to shoot as the player rises to higher rounds, making the game more challenging. In addition to getting extra points for hitting all 10 targets in a round, players also get points for hitting only one target.

Shooting Ducks With Cute Dog

The only mission in this game is to shoot the ducks. You need to use your limited ammo to shoot down the flying ducks. They will fly out from different bushes. They can fly up or down. Aim and shoot while adapting to changes in the duck's flight direction. It will never be easy.

After a duck is knocked down, it will drop into the meadow where your dog is hiding and waiting to rob the loot.

Duck hunting department

The hunt will be divided into levels. Each level will have a different number of ducks. You can see the duck wave count at the bottom right of the screen.