Element Blocks

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Element Blocks takes you to the familiar world of elements and blocks. Your task is to arrange these blocks to form a complete row and gain achievements. It is not important to pay attention to the types of elements because the elements can all be connected to each other. This means that you can arrange any element next to each other without having to split types.

Your Mission In The Game

Element Blocks will provide you with available blocks with many different shapes. Your task is to arrange them into the playing field to form a complete row or column. Each completed row or column will earn you points and stars. These loots will help you win admirable achievements when enough points or enough stars.

Besides, this entertaining game also provides you with some support items such as bombs and bolts of lightning to break the blocks you want.

Note that there are 3 blocks added at the same time. After you arrange all these blocks, the other 3 blocks continue to be added. If you can not continue, the game will end.

Learn Elements With Element Blocks

Although it's not necessary to know the types of elements, you should identify them to improve your knowledge. There are 5 main elements in Element Blocks, including water, fire, plant, snow, and light. Water elements are in blue blocks while fire is in red. It's green, light blue, and purple for plants, snow, and light elements.