Emoji Guess Puzzle

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Emoji Guess Puzzle is a puzzle game that challenges your agility and tests your knowledge of emojis. To solve the puzzle you need to choose the right emoticon.

The fascinating puzzles in Emoji Guess Puzzle will test your prediction skills. Choose the right emoji from the available options to encode sentences and movie titles. Your knowledge of vocabulary, quizzes, and proper emoji usage will improve as you progress through the levels in the game.

Also with cute graphics, outstanding sound design and playful background music constantly make emoji puzzles more fun and relaxing to solve as you guess your way from the puzzle This addictive puzzle game through many different levels. I hope you will enjoy this game and that you will have more fun playing it.

Note while completing the levels

  • You can create a story using the emoji mentioned below to describe the image above. In some levels, you'll be asked to explain words using wordplay, while in others you'll be encouraged to use your imagination.
  • You have the option of guessing three times before all the stars are used up, or watch a few short commercials that include jokes and tips.
  • You can get three stars if you complete each level without any mistakes.
  • You will need to demonstrate that you have the ability to use emoji language and literature by completing each level with the highest score available. As you progress through more than a hundred levels, you will face more difficult challenges.

How to play

Use the mouse to play. Click the images you want to select.