Football Juggle 1

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About Football Juggle 1

You can amaze your fans and colleagues in this game. To show off your most incredible skills to others, grab your ball and go to the soccer field and start bouncing the ball.

Football Juggle 1 Game Instructions

To win this game you have to accumulate as many points as possible by performing many tricks. On either side of the screen, you'll see a separate icon that represents one of your many body parts. To hit the ball, you can use your head, shoulders, legs, and then feet. You can complete 9 different stunts in this game. You will captivate your audience with every effective performance. You need to use a unique set of hits for each trick. You can use the mouse to play the game.

Wait for the ball to be on the same level as them before hitting it with different body parts. The body symbols that you can combine will be highlighted if you hit the ball. Use only your soccer player's foot to prevent the ball from hitting the ground. To raise or tilt a foot to catch a falling ball, touch and hold that foot. To hit the ball hard, swing your feet up quickly. To keep the ball close, use small movements.

Note when playing

You can unlock many new difficulties as you level up, such as performing kicks in the wind. The player's ball, setting and sports equipment are all subject to change.

Hints to play

Visualize a straight line passing through the center of the screen. Which foot your player lifts will depend on whether you touch the left or right side of the line. By dropping and tapping the other side of the screen, you can switch legs.

Specific control

To move the player's feet, use the mouse to click and drag. Which leg you lift depends on which side of the screen you click on.

Touch phones: The player's feet can be moved with your finger. To lift and move a leg, touch, grasp, and pull it.


  • Perform one of the 9 tricks to play.
  • 2D graphics, simple game.
  • Unlock and level up.