Foxy Land 2

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Foxy Land 2 is a game released on different gaming platforms. Created by the developer with 2d graphics, Foxy Land 2 tells the journey of a cute fox named Foxy who must go to rescue his close friends from the evil of a witch.

About Foxy Land 2:

Foxy Land 2 is divided into many levels and each level will have its own unique character. If you want to overcome these challenges, players will have to use their skillful skills to move and overcome obstacles such as spikes, traps and even the enemies of the little fox. After overcoming these pitfalls, the little fox will collide with the bosses of each level, here you will have to use strategic tricks combined with extremely fast reflexes to be able to escape from the extremely dangerous attacks of the bosses

Fighting is tough, but don't worry, Foxy Land 2 is also equipped with a number of power-ups to help you win invincible, not afraid of anyone, and maybe even win the world.

Guide play:

When participating in this game, in addition to having to play alone, you can also enjoy this game with friends if you want. By using keys like "A,D key" to move, "W key" to jump and if you want to shoot, the "G key" is for single player. If another friend wants to play with you, this second player can use the "Left-Right arrow" keys to move. Up arrow to jump and shoot, use the "L key".

With this interesting classic game, I believe that this will be an extremely attractive entertainment game for you to entertain after hours of studying and working stress. Hope you and your friends have a good time together.