Galactic Sniper

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About Galactic Sniper

You'll have the chance to test your aiming skills in an engaging 2D sniping, robotics and sci-fi game called Galactic Sniper, which has an eye-catching aesthetic. You and your team have just completed an expedition into a fascinating new world rich in natural resources and teeming with life that is fully compatible with the species that inhabit your home planet.

The story of the uprising of combat robots that, until very recently, served the interests of the world on one of the planets in our solar system, is told in the game's scenario. The occurrence of this event will take place in the distant future on one of these planets. for everyone's sake! But now they have begun an all-out war to wipe out all life on earth, and you have been given the responsibility of carrying out a rescue mission to eliminate all the psycho-robots. Your plasma sniper rifle will solve the problem for you and can kill any opponent with a single shot if it is aimed correctly.

Your people will lose access to food, water, and other resources, so you and your team must find a new place to form a town so they can continue to use the resources. this original. Be cautious, however, as you are not the only one contemplating making it their permanent residence there. You will face wave after wave of hostile aliens armed and ready to defend their planet.

Make different levels

You have thirty distinct levels to show off your amazing aiming skills and utilize your range to eliminate all enemies that stand in your way, as well as slay a race of peculiar robots and find a new colony. The game gives you the opportunity to do all these things. Show off your incredible targeting while taking advantage of your reach. Let your people not be in danger.

How to play

Use chuojt to play then tap to shoot.