Geometry Dash Lite

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About Geometry Dash Lite

Are you ready for the exciting adventure in the neon city of Geometry Dash Lite? You have to conquer countless obstacles to reach the finish line of the game.

In this game, you will be conquering many different tracks with many dangerous obstacles. The main obstacles to this game are spikes and platforms. Obstacles can be preset and they can also be set while you move. This makes it difficult for you to prevent. This game will not have checkpoints so when you die, the game will bring you back to the starting point. You will have to overcome all these obstacles in one play to be able to come to the new land. This task is extremely difficult, only players with the fastest reflexes can overcome this challenge. Do you believe you will overcome this challenge?

Control: Left-click to jump over obstacles.

Discover new lands

Currently, the game has 15 different lands with difficult challenges. The difficulty of the lands is determined by the number of stars. The higher the land with the higher number, the harder it is. The easiest level is Stereo mad and the hardest land is Electrodynamix. New lands are still being developed. Choose the land that suits your level and enjoy the game.