Getting Over It

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About Getting Over It

Start conquering obstacles in this game at our site. This is a fan-made game based on starting with Bennett Foddy, which has gained incredible popularity. The objective of this game will not change, but the gameplay will be completely different. In this potty alternative arcade game, you play as you climb colorful bricks and giant berries while traversing a painful and eerie surroundings. The game is very interesting. It has the same difficulty level as the original game, very hard and challenging.

Moving too fast can cause you to lose your place, so focusing on the task at hand is essential if you want to advance to the next level. When climbing, the terrain can be an advantage; therefore, when climbing, you should try to pick the terrain that has the best chance of success and use a hammer to pull yourself up. To continue, you must remain calm. It is imperative that you support him to win this game!

Main function of the game

  • Beautiful 2D graphics, attracting players
  • Experience difficult and challenging terrains
  • Addictive gameplay, causing suspense
  • Collect coins and improve score
  • You will improve your jumping, turning, levitation and flying
  • Many attractive rewards

How to play

The only control there is to move the hammer around with your mouse.