Graffiti Time

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About Graffiti Time

The main character of the game is simply called Mr. Fat Cap, tasked with drawing graffiti in space. You can create some artwork in the dark while sneaking into the city undetected. Help restore order to the streets, but remember that there are robots watching you from afar. You can increase your profits by doing kicks while using the rather modest cruiser skateboard you have.

You must be able to move skillfully in the dark and quickly spray your artwork on abandoned cars without being detected. After completing everything you will be able to get a golden key and move on to the next level with the aerosol rocket.

There will be automated security personnel trying to stop you from making progress. You must perform this task without drawing their attention to you. The aliens will also try to prevent you from using the flying UFO as a means of transportation. After you finish drawing everything, the hidden key will be shown to you. Take the key, then go back to where the paint is kept.

Playable platforms

  • Computer
  • Mobile phone
  • Android
  • iOS

How to control

You can navigate using the AD key on your keyboard or the left and right arrow keys. You can jump using the W key on your keyboard or the up arrow. Graffiti can be created using the C key and free tagging mode can be started by pressing the button that appears before the city entries.