Gun Mayhem

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Gun Mayhem is a fighting game genre that is getting a lot of attention recently. You can play this game on many different devices.

About Gun Mayhem:


The developers of Gun Mayhem have created a lot of characters for us to choose from. Each character will have its own strengths and weaknesses and will own a weapon of its own. Players can customize their characters, including their appearance and equipment, to match their play style.


Not only the variety of characters, but the weapons in this game are also very diverse including pistols, long guns, sniper rifles and countless other weapons. Players can completely upgrade their weapons to increase damage, range, accuracy


Gun Mayhem is divided into many different levels from easy to difficult. After passing a level, the player will face obstacles, harsher environments, and harsher opponents. Each level has a different landscape that offers a more varied experience for players

How to play:

This is an action game in which the player will have to control a character to avoid enemy bombs and bullets. The ultimate goal here is that you have to defeat your opponent by shooting a lot at him with keys that you can manually set in the preferences to easily kill the enemy. Good luck !!

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