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Some features of Hexanaut.io

Play Hexanaut.io and capture as much territory as you can. Here, you will control a crewmate to move around the map and expand your territory.

You will be put on a large map with other opponents. In this map, you have to try to expand your territory as much as possible. You control your character to move around the map and form a closed circle to mark your territory. This task is not easy when you have to face the onslaught of other opponents. In addition, this game also has a leaderboard in the upper right corner of the screen. Here, the player with the most territory will be honored. Are you ready for this mission?

Expand your territory and be the king in this game

You use the mouse to control your character. To mark your territory, you form closed circles. Your territory will also protect you from attack by other players. When you detect the attack of other players, you move quickly into your territory to avoid the attack of other players. You can also destroy other opponents by making them hit your tail. When you kill an opponent you can turn their territory into yours. Killing the other players is the fastest way to be the king in this game. Are you ready?