Idle Firefighter 3D

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About Idle Firefighter 3D

Idle Firefighter 3D is a mission game. The main task that you need to do is to play the role of a firefighter to extinguish all fires and save people. You can find Idle Firefighter 3D game easily on our website and start playing it for free right now because it is one of the best new online game and you can get it now. The game offers an experience that you should not miss and it is also considered one of the best new games in general.

Your character will accompany you as you explore various journeys. After wearing the uniform, you will have to put out the fire with the available water until there is no more water, at which time you will use the money earned to buy more water and then continue with your mission.

Whenever you have more money, you should invest in improving your firefighter's headquarters, buy more fire trucks, spawn more firefighters and send them on missions, upgrade your avatar. you and do anything else you can think of to make your life simpler and your overall performance better. Since there are fires that need to be put out, you need to start as soon as possible.

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How to play Idle Firefighter 3D?

You have the option of using your mouse to move the character, or if you're playing on mobile you can simply tap the character to move it.