Idle Restaurants

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Idle Restaurants satisfies your passion for cooking and restaurant management. This arcade game allows you to become the owner of a chain of restaurants. However, doing this goal is not easy because there will be a lot of work for you to do while playing this role. Will you be able to handle all the work of the game? Start the game and challenge your abilities!

Your Mission In The Game

Coming to Idle Restaurants, you will open a restaurant to serve customers with many different dishes. Serve as many customers as you can to earn as much money as possible. The money earned can be used for many different purposes and the biggest purpose is to hire a chef and expand the restaurant to continue to receive more customers.

Tutorial For Idle Restaurants

In order to play the cooking game well, you can follow some of the following steps to achieve work efficiency.

  • At the beginning of the game, remember to hire a chef and upgrade your menu to generate more coins per minute.
  • Second, you can upgrade your chef so that your chef can gain more stars. Chefs with many stars can make dishes that are more expensive than regular chefs.
  • Next, the number of chefs and restaurants is limited for each level. Therefore, if you want to hire many chefs or open many restaurants, you need to upgrade your level first. To upgrade the levels, you need to reach enough food to be delivered.
  • Finally, you can upgrade the restaurant or buy boosters to increase speed and efficiency.