Judgment Day 3D

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About Judgment Day 3D

Play this 3D game to see if you can become the greatest detective master. This game will make you feel that you are playing an afterlife simulation game in which you can choose who is pure and holy, who is guilty and who is criminal. You will determine who is innocent and who is guilty, then you will choose heaven or hell as the destination for those who have been judged. The Day of Judgment has arrived, and with it the need of countless wayward souls seeking refuge in Heaven or Hell. You are responsible for making decisions. Fair judgment for the not guilty, and the guilty.

Use a lie detector

It may be necessary to use a lie detector during personal interrogation. They will explain everything to you later, when the world finally ends, about what they did when they were alive. At this decisive moment, you will determine whether each of them is a guardian angel or a member of the demonic kingdom.

You will be able to see their behavior. Your perceptual eye can see all that is going on. You will see three icons right above the top of each candidate, and based on those icons, you will be able to choose the next candidate distribution slot. Use caution, as the meanings of the symbols are not always clear. In Judgment Day 3D, as soon as you successfully complete the objective shown at the top of the screen, you will go to the next level.

Game Features

  • Choose between heaven and hell for those people by swiping left or right.
  • Use a lie detector when you ask them.
  • By forcing them to admit their wrongdoing.
  • Collect coins and declare your punishment to them.
  • It's up to you to give them one more chance.
  • Unlock new angel skin.
  • 3D graphics, easy gameplay.

How to play

Use mouse to join the game. Scroll the character left or right if you've made your decision.