Kicked Out

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About Kicked Out

Kicked Out is a challenging, engaging game. Robin was kicked out of the Teen Titans. By avoiding obstacles and power-ups, help him climb the Tower of Titans. This is our most recent addition to the Teen Titans Go category and we'd like to take this opportunity to give you a warm welcome. Playing this game will instantly put you in a good mood, so let's get started right away.

You will have to make use of the rope that you have stretched. With the help of the rope attached to the tower, you will do your best to extend it to the highest possible point. That does a good job of summarizing the overall purpose and idea of this exercise. The moment you press the button labeled "jump", he will immediately start climbing to greater heights. However, you still need to make a manual jump to avoid countless unexpected dangers coming your way.

Also, after the race is over, you should try to collect as many coins as you can because you can use this money to improve Robin's appearance to prepare for the upcoming tower climb by buying skins or new clothes. This is what you should do even if you have won the race. Then all that's left to do is get ready to have a good time and join the game with your friends, that's all that's left to do.

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How to play

Use your mouse to join this game.