Magic Run

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Introduce the Magic Run game

Let's play and escape from the witch in the Magic Run game. Here, you will control a small boy and help him escape the spells of the evil witch.

A boy in a red hoodie is being chased by an evil witch. This witch had the plot to kill the boy, so she repeatedly cast spells on the boy. This poor boy must run non-stop to escape the witch's pursuit. Meanwhile, the boy also has to avoid obstacles on the road. Are you brave enough to fight this witch? Let's play and rescue this poor boy.

Escape from the pursuit of the witch

The poor boy was running on the endless road, and behind him was a witch riding a broom. The witch casts a spell to turn the boy into a frog by throwing boxes of poison at him. When he accumulates all 3 frog toxins, this boy will die. The boy has to both avoid the poison bags and avoid the obstacles on the road. Once the boy falls, he dies instantly. The only way to cure the witch's poison is to collect bags of antidotes on the way. Play this game and try to run as far as you can.

Control: Use the mouse or the up arrow to jump.