Mario And Banzai

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Play Mario And Banzai

Mario And Banzai is inspired by the classic game - Mario. You need to align the force and control Mario to jump over the platforms and collect the coins.

If you are a fan of Mario games then you should not miss Mario And Banzai. This game still uses the image of the Mario character but has simpler gameplay. Your task in this game is to control your character to jump over the platforms. While you will not have to face dangerous carnivorous monsters, you will have to adjust the force of your jumps. The platforms will be in different positions, you need to align the jump to not fall into the pit. Each time you play you only have 2 chances, on the first time you fall, Banzai will appear and bring Mario back to the previous platform. On the second fall, the game is over. While passing the platforms, you need to collect the coins. These coins will help you buy items for Mario. Play this game and get the highest score possible.

How to control the Mario

You hold the mouse to align the force bar on the left screen and then you release the mouse to jump.