Merge The Numbers

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Merge The Numbers is a thinking game, you need to merge blocks of numbers to get the highest value. Are you confident to be the player with the highest score?


Eagle Games is responsible for developing this mind and skill game.

Main content of the game and quests

The game called Merge The Numbers is one that can keep you entertained for a considerable amount of time. On a board that is initially empty, many small squares with slightly rounded corners will begin to form during play. It's essential to all the fun that they have numbers on them.

Not only math lovers but also people who like logic problems will enjoy playing this game. To get started, you need to come up with a plan right away and keep playing according to that plan for the duration of your competition. In this highly addictive multiplier experience, you have to match blocks of the same number to raise the value of those blocks. Keep matching to get the biggest potential score!

Use caution, because if you cannot successfully combine blocks, a new row of them will appear. When all the spaces on the screen are occupied, the game is over for you. Because there are always new squares added to the game board and the potential risk is that they may eventually cover the entire screen. In this case, the game is over and you are returned to the level before this level.

How to play

Use your mouse to play, or you can also play on your mobile device. Drag a cell and drop it onto an identical cell. It will recombine and increase in value. Keep doing what you're doing until you reach the highest possible number.