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Minesweeper is a suspenseful minesweeper game that tests your wits. Your task is that you need to click and break each brick, avoid hitting the mines. Players have the opportunity to participate in this machine puzzle game of our website. In this game, there are things called "mines", which are basically squares capable of containing mines. To open all the boxes, the player must rely on the numbers displayed in various places around the area.

Complete the objective of the game

The goal of the Minesweper game is to locate all the mines on the playing field as quickly as possible, attach them, and then open all the squares located in an area that is not contaminated by mines. On the playing field, you are free to place mines, numbers or empty squares in any position you choose.

How to play Minesweeper?

To join the game, you will need to use the mouse. You are not allowed to click on any squares in the grid, as doing so will cause you to fail the game. Clicking on a square with the right mouse button will allow you to add a flag to that particular cell. If a square has a number in it, that number is equivalent to the number of squares adjacent to it in any direction (whether horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). If there is only one empty brick inside, there are no bricks left outside the mine. When players find an empty tile, they won't be able to immediately see the tiles adjacent to that tile.

To get started, select a square by clicking on it. It is extremely difficult to place a mine in the first square of the chessboard. You can find out where the mines are by selecting a square and clicking on it. As you do so, you will normally spot several other squares in the surrounding area. Using data from earlier, it is possible to guess the location of the mines. Once you've located your location, you should mark its location by right-clicking on the square, then selecting 'mark with flags' from the menu that appears.

Right-clicking a square twice and choosing the second option from the context menu will allow you to add a question mark to any square where you're not sure if the tile contains mines. This will allow you to let other players know that you're not sure if the brick contains mines. If you make a mistake and mark the square with a flag or a question mark, you can easily remove it by right clicking on the suspected square. If you make a mistake and mark the box with a question mark, you can easily get rid of it. When users right-click on a square, they are given the option to choose between three different possible states. These states are nothing, a flag and a question mark.