Monkey Mart

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Activities in Monkey Mart

In this management game, you play as a business leader. Players will play the role of a lovely monkey in charge of a convenience store in this game. Grow fruits and vegetables, then harvest them, then go from station to station to collect a variety of sweets to stock up for the stalls. Foods like bananas, corn, eggs, peanuts, coffee beans, cocoa, wheat, etc. specially grown for commercial purposes. To receive money from your customers, all you need is to stand near the cash register while they bring their stuff to you and wait for you at the cashier.

Expanding supermarket at Monkey Mart

Initially your store only sold bananas and very few people came to buy. Once you've built a good reputation among your customers, they'll be more likely to put their trust in you and shop at your establishment. You'll be able to recruit assistants to help oversee aisle maintenance and other staff as your business expands into additional aisles and you introduce new items to market. You also have the option of purchasing high-quality harvest-ready equipment for you to sell. Be careful to level up your character management talent, unlock new work stations, and teach your staff new abilities as you complete the game.

Some notes when doing your supermarket business

  • The monkeys put in a lot of effort and quickly became exhausted. Through the Upgrade option, you can enhance their overall motivation and energy level.
  • Simply go near the cashier counter, and you will see that there is a stack of money there. Your monkey will be responsible for automatically collecting money.
  • Pay attention to the points of interest that the camera focuses on. You need to spend enough money to be able to build more new models at that location. Check out all the required stalls that have been unlocked to be eligible to open the following location.

Update your store

Once your business has grown well, you should think about expanding your business model by opening new premises. Now Monkey Mart has updated to the 3rd store.

The reference game is called pizza tower where you can participate in battle after battle between Peppion and many bosses in the game. Fight to the best of your ability to bring about the desired outcome of the game, which is the collapse of the pizza tower.

How to control the character

Use mouse to play, press arrow keys to move your monkey.