Neon Tile Rush

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Description Neon Tile Rush

Neon Tile Rush is a game that many people love. You need to move to the finish line as fast as you can and collect coins and stars to get the highest score.

In this exciting game you will be in charge of a neon light box, and the goal of the game is to collect coins and reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Are you ready to reach the finish line? There is a missing Neon tile somewhere in the maze. This maze has a lot of dead ends and other potential problems. Neon umbrellas must be rescued as part of your objective. It requires you to move skillfully to overcome countless dangers, such as guillotines and spikes.

In the lower right corner of the map, there is an acid river, so you need to move there quickly as well. If you don't get out quickly, your character will fall into the river because the water level in this river is increasing. When your character comes into contact with this water, it will instantly evaporate.

Collect coins and stars

During the journey, you will also need to collect coins and stars for your collection. Your points for successfully completing a goal are based on these coins and stars.


Your character is controlled using the mouse. To go left and right, use the left and right arrow buttons on your keyboard. You can move forward using the up arrow key and you can move backward by pressing the down arrow key.

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Some levels of Neon Tile Rush

Also, some difficulty levels have been designed for you to pass in this game. In later levels, you will encounter more difficult obstacles, such as the guillotine. At every level, there will be spikes and rivers of acid will develop.