Om Nom Connect Classic

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About Om Nom Connect Classic

Om Nom Connect Classic is a puzzle game where you have to find and match items of the same type. Let's play and create great moments in this game.

This is a classic game with an Om Nom theme. On a board, there will appear a number of different items, these items are being shuffled positions for each other. In these items, there will be different pairs of items of the same type. Your task is to find and connect the same items together. When you join 2 similar items together, they will disappear from the table. The condition for concatenating two identical items is that it is not blocked by any items. You will complete the mission of the game when you clear all the items on the board. This game will challenge you through quite different levels. Each level will have a different arrangement. In addition, depending on the level you are playing, the position of these items will be changed. This will make it difficult to locate the items. This task is not easy, can you overcome these challenges?

How to control the items together

You use the mouse to click on an item and then click on another one (an item of the same type)to connect them.