Papa Louie

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What is Papa Louie - When Pizzas Attack?

Unfortunately, a party being held at Papa's Pizzeria had to cut short when Onion Ring came and confused the orders. Pizza monsters appeared in the entire store's pizza warehouse and they chased all Papa Louie customers. His customers have been delivered to other areas, and to save them, players will need to call for the power of the pizza field.

The location of all customers in the cage is depending on Roy and Papa Louie. The first customer, named Big Pauly, sells pepper bombs to players for a fee. Using these bombs will support players to overcome the defense of pizza monsters.

Papa Louie control is very similar to controlling any other roller adventure. To move forward, use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. Pressing the arrow key twice will make the player perform a double dance.

On each screen of the game, there is a limited number of pizza monsters. After being defeated, they turned into a box of tones filled with pizza. If you can make customers step on the scale while holding a pizza box, they will feel more comfortable and ready to help you upgrade the next level.

Some essential notes help you

Although it seems that money is not required, it can be quite helpful when buying products and improvements to save customers. You will also receive achievements after collecting some specific points.

While holding Z will force players to perform a devastating attack, pushing Z will make them perform a standard attack.

Learn about pepper bombs and get used to it. They must be practiced to be proficient, because they bounce twice after being thrown in the arc.

You should not worry if you lose one or two hearts. Obviously you do not want to lose all your heart (because doing so will make you bounce on your head), but you should not let the loss of one or two hearts make you worry too much.

How to play

To navigate around, use the arrow keys and press the line to jump. Play more pizza tower to enjoy twice the joy at our website!