Penguin Wars

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About Penguin Wars

Penguin Wars is a great shooting game with many different levels. You need to command your penguin team to successfully capture your opponent's land.

There were two separate flocks of penguins living in the ice field and they started fighting each other in a competition. They intend to use a variety of weapons in an attempt to force their opponents into the icy waters of the ocean and achieve their goals. Once the game has loaded, go to the 'Details' area and make your selection there to change the graphics level of the game. You can do this by selecting the 'HIGH' option. Select the type of game you want to play from the menu that appears. Use the 'NEW CAMPAIGN' section of this game if you want to play alone and use the '2 PLAYER GAME' section if you want to play with a friend. Now you are ready to join the game. Click the 'FIRE' button after choosing the weapon to use and aim! Continue this process until all your opponents have been eliminated from the game.

To progress further in the game, you will have to win an epic battle and eliminate all the penguins that the enemy has. Your cannon should be used to shoot those snowballs at your opponents in order to knock them overboard or deal them enough damage to force them to abandon the battle. Therefore, you need to change the angle of the shot so that the snowball will hit the penguins on the other side of the screen.

Animals' abilities and weaknesses, which can vary between species. For example, the mouse is the thing that can go left and right the fastest, but in return it can only roll balls extremely slowly. On the other hand, the cow moves quite slowly, but one of its benefits is that it wakes up faster.

After thirty seconds of gameplay, a jelly bean-like obstacle appears in the center of the table and begins to move in both directions. The path of the ball is changed in different ways depending on the type of barrier it encounters. For example, some obstacles cause it to deflect so that it begins to roll diagonally (while the player can only roll it parallel to the contour of the table), while others only allow it bounces back in a straight line.

Game control

Use Mouse to Aim and Shoot