Pokemon Diamonds Puzzle

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About Pokemon Diamonds Puzzle

Don't be afraid to take on the challenge in Pokemon Diamonds Puzzle. In this game, you only need to collect diamonds of the same type to build a tower.

This game is inspired by the famous anime - Pokemon, but your mission in this game is not to train Pokemon. You will have to collect gems of the same type to form a magic tower. You use your mouse and click on a gem, then you go collect gems of the same type as it. You move the gems to the location of the gems of the same type and the tower will absorb these gems. If you click on a different gem, your tower will explode. The more gems you collect, the higher your score. So, let's focus on the main quest in this game.

Why you should play Pokemon Diamonds Puzzle

This game requires you to have ingenuity with just one mistake, all your efforts will disappear. You have to be very skillful to control the tower so that it does not explode. In addition, this game also trains you to focus and problem-solving. You must determine the right move to be able to collect as many gems as possible.