Puppet Fighter 2 Player

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About Puppet Fighter 2 Player

Welcome to the Puppet Fighter 2 Player game. In this game, you will participate in intense wrestling matches between puppets. Are you ready for it?

In this game, you will control a puppet. Your mission is to fight another puppet and win the battle. Two puppets will fight and try to push each other out of the battlefield. The loser is the one who is pushed out of the arena first. Are you confident that you will become the champion in every battle? Play this game on the Pizza Tower website now and have moments of entertainment.

How to control the puppet

You will have the opportunity to play in many different modes such as 2P and 4P. In addition, you can also challenge yourself by controlling 2 characters at the same time. When you choose to control 2 characters at the same time, the keyboard will be divided into 2 parts. For the first character, you use the WASD key to move and the L key to push the opponent. For the 2nd character, you use the arrow keys to move and use the spacebar to push the opponent. Do you know the controls of this game? Let's play and have moments of entertainment.