Push My Chair

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About Push My Chair

Push My Chair is a challenging game. Try to be the only survivor, competing with other players using a variety of chairs and different weapons.

This hard and fun game of skill requires you to move and push other players while sitting in a chair at work equipped with a fire extinguisher. The game is both fun and difficult. Putting a person in a wheelchair and simultaneously spraying them with a fire extinguisher is a way to disaster in the game, do you want to join to test your survival skills?

You can experience this one-of-a-kind adventure by playing Push My Chair online that offers a variety of vehicles, each with their own controller and arsenal. You have the option of playing alone in "single player" mode or with a friend in "two-player" mode. Either way, the choice is yours. Both of these modes are available to you. Therefore, arm yourself, put your chair in the most comfortable position and get ready for battle!

You can try to control your character's strong needs to spur opponents by pressing and releasing action keys. This will give your opponent a boost. This is your chance to give your opponent an edge. Your task in the whole competition is to use any method you have to push as many opponents out of the building as possible. To get access to more boosters, you'll first need to purchase a gaming sofa, a regular couch, or even a toilet seat.

How to play the game

Both mouse and arrow keys can be used to play this game