Rich Couple Run

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Young couple Robert and Elsa have the goal of accumulating a lot of wealth. Because of this, our heroes decided to participate in different races. In the game Rich Couple Run, you have the task of supporting the characters and helping them have a lot of money to be able to shop and help them build a better life.

How to play Rich Couple Run

  • To manipulate the screen, click and drag/hold the screen.
  • Swipe or finger swipe is a mobile control.

Mission of the game

To start the game, you need to focus your attention on the screen in front of you, which now has a pair of treadmills. Pay attention to what is displayed on the screen. There will be visible blue and crimson passing areas. It's your job to guide the pair to the end of the road while ensuring that they accumulate as many coins as possible along the way. It is possible to conduct financial transactions between husband and wife while they are on the run. This is necessary so that they can increase the amount by going through the green gate. Transfer money as quickly as possible when red gates or other roadblocks appear, such as tree trunks, as you will lose money at these points!

Collect coins while running

If landing through the green portal, they will increase the amount they have, while landing on the red portal will cause them to decrease the amount they have. If you have the rights to the actions of the characters, you will be responsible for transferring money from one character to another. Therefore, in the video game Rich Couple Run, you have to steer them in the right direction for them to have a happy and successful life.

Remind you

Spending too much money on food is a waste of money that could be used to adorn the inside and outside of the home you share. You can also unlock objects outside the house and decorate them for decoration, as well as unlock objects in different rooms inside the house and decorate them. You can do this by clicking on the home page, then selecting the 'Enter' button from the menu that appears.