Slope Run

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Discover the neon track in Slope Run

Take control of the ball and explore the neon city in the Slope Run game. Here, you have to control a ball and try to go far on a dangerous track.

A ball is getting lost in a neon race track. This is an infinity track and you need to control your ball to move non-stop on this track. Your goal is not to let the ball fly off the track. To do this, you must avoid obstacles, which appear constantly on the track. The obstacles you face are single tracks, platforms, and so on. Once your ball hits these obstacles, you lose immediately. In addition, you can also increase the difficulty of the game by moving into the acceleration zones. The faster you move, the harder it is for you to control your ball. This is an endless race so you have to try to go as far as possible. Are you ready for this thrilling track? Play and score as high as you can.

How to control your ball

This is a fast-paced game like Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Your ball will move forward automatically. You use the arrow keys to control your character.