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Take part in the fight in SnakeMania

SnakeMania is a familiar snake game. In this game, you will control your snake to eat donuts on the map and increase its size. Now, let's play.

In this game, you will start in the form of a donut. You move on the map and eat donuts to increase your length. Meanwhile, you pay attention to the direction of other snakes so as not to crash into their bodies and die. You eat as many donuts as you can to become the strongest snake on the map. In addition, this game has a rather novel control way. The snake will move forward automatically. You hold the mouse to redirect the snake. When you hold the mouse the snake will change direction clockwise. You know how to control to become the master in this game.

Tips to stand long in SnakeMania

Because the area of the map and food is limited, you destroy other opponents to take their food. You make another opponent stab your body and destroy them. In addition, you also have to watch out for other opponents. Hold the mouse and move in a circle to avoid the opponent's attack. Hope you have a great time in this game.